Whether you are using a trap you bought at a store or you configured one yourself, it doesn't really matter, they all work the same, and they are all passive.  Bait is located behind an entrance that is supposed to make their exit difficult, and then they can possibly be captured by glue paper if they happen to walk on it, or they can drown in vinegar or wine if they take a swim.  The fact is, fruit flies can walk on walls and ceilings, and if they can get in a hole, they can get out of it too. It was this realization, two years ago in my kitchen, that led to the creation of the first trap with Patent Pending active capture technology, the ActiveGreen Fruit Fly Trap!

The first thing you do after unpacking your trap is bait it. Our design gives you many options for baiting the trap, you can place solid baits on the bait tray, and the liquid that runs the trap can be water, apple cider vinegar, wine, beer, and a whole host of other things. Apple cider vinegar works very well for Drosophila Melanogaster, and we have been having pretty good success using red wine for Drosophila Repleta. We will investigate appropriate baits for other species as we get the opportunity.

Once you have selected your bait, you simply close the lid and plug it in. The trap does a collection cycle every ten minutes, allowing the fruit flies to gather and then washing them out of your life for good. It's that easy. Around once a week, depending on the number of flies you are catching, you unplug it, dump out the bait fluid, rinse it under warm water, refill it, put the lid on, plug it back in, and you are on your way to being fruit fly free!